Sale Barn


 We sell quarters, sides or individual cut pieces which ever you prefer.  Our beef is USDA inspected, custom cut to your personal specifications,  labeled, vacuum packaged and quick frozen to retain freshness. Quarters and sides are $6.00 per pound dressed weight. The $6.00 per pound dressed weight is the complete costs, no hidden fees. All charges for slaughter, inspection, vacuum packaging and custom cut  ordering to your specifications are included.

Thank you very much to our customers who purchased our naturally raised beef in the past. The majority of our customers are repeat customers, but  we always invite new folks to try our beef. If you want to try a few  pieces of our meat please contact us for arrangements. 


 Our cows are due to calve the end of February through early June. The earlier you contact us the better your chances are to reserve or at minimum put a calf or two on hold until born. Or course it all depends on mother natures willingness to cooperate. Please contact me early. I am happy to discuss details and pricing all the time.

 I prefer to keep the calves with the mother cows for at least three months before separating them. The calves are healthier and full of energy from moms milk and care. A phone call or email will help me help reserve the right calf for your situation. I am very happy to attempt to answer and discuss any questions you have. 

 Please feel perfectly at ease to ask me any questions you have. I enjoy helping people get started with these cattle and I personally guarantee their health and fitness. I can also supply references of folks I have helped with calves in the past.

Harrison Cavey