Our Garuntees

Calves and Grass Fed Beef


We guarantee our calves to be registered with the Aberdeen Angus Association with full compliance to meet all standards of registration. We also guarantee our calves to be healthy and fully ready to be on their own before we complete the sale. You must be fully satisfied with what you are purchasing before I deliver them or you choose to pick them up at our farm.

Grass Fed Beef:
We guarantee top quality beef. Our cattle are grass fed on open rotated pastures. They are fed quality hay during the winter months. We never feed any artificial supplements to retain weight or incourage growth through various hormones on the market today. Our beef is all natural and good for you to eat. The same beef we sell you is the same beef our family consumes.



Q. When is grass fed beef available?
A. Normally in early spring is when our steers are ready to be processed.

Q. How long does it take to raise a grass fed beef steer?

A. Our steers are normally close to 24 months old to be prime for slaughter.

Q. How much does your beef cost?
A. Our beef is $6.00 per pound dressed weight hanging at the slaughter house.

Q. How much do your steers dressed weigh out?
A. Our steers normally dress out at around 400 pounds total. Simple math calculates a half a beef at 200 pounds and a cost of $1200.00. A quarter beef is around 100 pounds at a total cost of $600.00.

Q. What breed percentage are your calves?
A. The majority of our calves are purebred.