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Who we are:

 We are a family owned and operated farm located in Carroll County  Maryland, just South of the Mason Dixon Line and near the historic Union  Mills Homestead. We first purchased our farm in 1986 and began raising  cattle that first year. We fell in love with our farm for its beautiful rolling hills and rural setting. While we specialize in Aberdeen Angus Cattle, we also raise a few chickens, several pigs and various other farm animals. We  provide good personalized care for all of our animals, large and small. We regularly rotate our grass fed cattle among our pastures and provide good clean water and plenty of constant ongoing care and sunshine. 

Our Services and Products

 We sell some of our calves every spring to help others start herds, become breeders or just raise for them selves. We also sell our grass fed beef USDA inspected, custom cut to order, vacuum  packed and frozen. Grass fed beef can be purchased  by the quarter,  side, split side or whole. We do at times have special smaller packages  available. We are a small family run operation and only have limited  quanities so please contact us for availability.   

Our herd is exclusively registered Aberdeen Angus Cattle. The herd  consists of 15 to 30 animals in various stages of life, age and size.  

All our Aberdeen Angus Cattle are registered with the American Aberdeen  Angus Association (https://americanaberdeen.com/) of which we are active members. We are also a charter  member of the Northeast Lowline Angus Association (NELAA).  

Family Farm Operation

 Although we are a small family farm operation, we are very diverse and  somewhat unique. In addition to raising Aberdeen Angus Cattle, we also  raise a few pigs and maintain a small flock of chickens for fresh eggs. While we support new technologies such as this Website and a Facebook  page, we also keep a close lifestyle with past traditions of family  values and hard work, which brings lifes rewards.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If there are any  questions, comments or inquiries you would like to discuss, please use our Contact Us "drop us a line! below or by, phone, text or our Facebook page".

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